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Quince peel

Quince peel

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Bitter sweet quince with autumn aroma, you stopped at my pantry .....

  • quince about 3 kg
  • from which we obtained 2.5 l of juice
  • 2.5 kg of sugar
  • quince slices, about 10

Servings: 6

Preparation time: over 120 minutes


First things first. I mean quince, symbol of Autumn, Latin name Cydonia Oblonga ...... we have quince, good so far .... let's get to work ... For the peel we need the peel and the back of the quince, but the quince doesn't hiccup either the whole. But since we are good housewives, we make shit out of shit to crack. So I made the jam, the peels, the stalks and the smaller quinces I put them to boil in a 10 l pot, I boiled until the fruit was penetrated. Then I strained the juice obtained, I measured it, 2.5 l, then I put it in a pot, I added 2.5 kg of sugar, I let it boil, I added the raw quince slices and I let it boil until the slices have penetrated. I took them out of the juice and let them boil on, until it dropped enough to bind well. I did the test, putting a little juice in a saucer and putting it in the freezer to try its consistency. . When it has dropped enough, we pour it hot in jars, in each jar we put a few slices of quince. We wrap the jars in a blanket and let them cool until the next day, when we store them in the pantry. The pellet is served in a tall glass of cold water, at least that's what I mentioned at my grandmother's house, something that makes me think of Caragiale's sketches. Following is the marmalade recipe, obtained from the shells and quince pulp, after they have been cooked to obtain the juice for the jam.


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